Metronomy at Wonder Ballroom

“Love. I’m in love…again.”  Nothing could have encapsulated my feelings about Metronomy’s performance better than those lines. Metronomy is everything a live band should be: passionate, energetic, radiant, multifaceted, and frankly stoked to be playing. With every note, two-step, beat, synchronized dance, facial expression, induced crowd clap, and strum, you could feel the love pouring… Continue reading Metronomy at Wonder Ballroom

Jacco Gardner at Mississippi Studios

Despite being on a Monday night,  Jacco Gardner brought the venue to a near capacity. All of us watched in reverence as Jacco and his band (featuring Frank Maston on keys) played breathtaking melodies (from the album Cabinet of Curiosities) that were thoroughly foreign to this era. The strange visuals momentarily caught my attention. That quickly… Continue reading Jacco Gardner at Mississippi Studios