Pies From The Big Chair

The best vegan soy-free gluten-free pumpkin pie you could ever possibly ever put in your mouth and a musical evolution with Brothertiger.

Adding passion to your breakfast foods

Recommended listening: Stereolab- Dots & Loops I'm always on the prowl for interesting breakfast foods. As a busy creative, it's hard for me to get excited about something that's entirely avoidable. Recently, I embarked on a donut journey and decided to get the seemingly least appetizing one on the menu at Blue Star- the passion… Continue reading Adding passion to your breakfast foods

Vegan Sandwiches

Vegans have been getting more creative with sandwich fillings as our hunger for new tastes emerge. I would have never thought of beets being a sufficient substitute for a typical meat cheese bread combination, but it's more than satisfying and incredibly great for your body. This sandwich was largely inspired by Ecliptic Brewing Co's Beet… Continue reading Vegan Sandwiches